Exceptional design

Meticulous Neapoliton toiloring and the finest italion fabrics elevate the VASSI Couture Collection beyond other luxury menswear brands ond reflects Andre Vossi's passion for elegant design. Each men's garments is curated by Andre Vassi to deliver a head-turning experience, for yourself and others.

An Unrivaled Collection

The comprehensive VASSI Couture Collection contains a gallery of timeless luxury. From the luscious softness and weightlessness of vicuna wool to supple leathers from Florence and Super 180 suits in the finest wool, silk, and cashmere, these are truly show-stoppers.

Each item in this exquisite collection is handmade-it's rare to find this range of colours in such exceptional fabrics.

Price is no consideration- the experience is priceless, and it's yours to behold.

An incomparable experience

Your "Journey in Colour" begins with a personolized appointment with Andre Vassi - a 'one-on-one' styling session that ensures a perfect fit aligned with your needs.

Explore the VASSI Couture Collection, a virtuoso compilation of colours and patterns that is so far beyond words it has tobe experienced!