Adorn yourself with exquisite sophistication. Our seven-fold silk ties collection showcases impeccable craftsmanship, luxurious silk, and unrivaled elegance. Elevate your attire to new heights of refinement with these handcrafted masterpieces, epitomizing timeless style and unmatched quality.
Paisley Screen- Print 7F Silk Ties TIES & BOWTIESTaupe/Blue
Multi Colour Floral Print 7F Silk Ties TIES & BOWTIESTeal
Floral Print 7F Silk Tie - Teal/Salmon TIES & BOWTIES
Sold Out
Floral Print 7F Silk Tie - Pink/Beige TIES & BOWTIES
Sold Out
Floral Print 7F Silk Tie - Taupe/Red TIES & BOWTIES
Basket weave Seven-Fold Silk Ties TIESBlue
White Ribbed Fine Striped Seven-Fold Silk Tie TIES
Sold Out
Jacquard Seven-Fold Silk Ties - Solid Colours TIESNavy
Melange Cashmere Seven-Fold Ties TIESBurgundy
Canadain Flag Satin Silk Ties TIESRed/White
Brown/Blue Striped Seven-Fold Satin Silk Tie TIES
Medalion Seven-Fold Satin Silk Ties TIESGrey
Bold Paisley Seven-Fold Satin Silk Ties TIESGreen
Large Medallion Seven-Fold Silk Tie - Blue TIES
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