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Buying Your First Suit - The Blueprint for a Versatile Suit Wardrobe

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Lay the Wardrobe Foundation with Classics

Investing in your professional, grown-up image is like building a reliable stock portfolio for your career (especially if you happen to be a lawyer or work in banking). Just as blue-chip stocks form the foundation of a robust investment strategy, invest in a base consisting of :

  • 2 solid suits
  • 2 dress shirts
  • 1 fine sweater
  • 2 pocket squares
  • breathable socks that won't show your legs when you sit
This will serve as the cornerstone of a versatile wardrobe.





Quiet Luxury over Flashy Statements

In the world of suits, the goal is subtle elegance rather than flashy statements (at least at the beginning). Imagine your starter wardrobe as a collection of classic, luxurious cars, not attention-grabbing convertibles. As Andre Vassi said himself: "If your only car is a red Ferrari, you will be taking TTC in the wintertime". The key is to make people acknowledge how good YOU look, not how cool your suit is.



Wardrobe Essentials 101

Begin with the basics – a navy suit and a grey suit. These wardrobe essentials serve as the canvas for your professional style. In the early stages, opt for pieces that are not overly memorable, allowing you to effortlessly mix and match while making you shine.

navy essential suitgrey essential suit

pictured above: (left) Super 120 Wool Suit - Navy, (right) Super 120 Wool Suit - Charcoal both $1,175.00 CAD

Timeless Shirt Choices:  Light Blue and White

 For shirts, stick to timeless choices like light blue and white. These classic hues lay the groundwork for a wardrobe with a capital "W."

Wondering why choose a lighter blue over a darker shade? Versatility is the answer. Mixing lighter blue with gray and white with navy or vice versa creates cohesive and polished looks, offering flexibility in your outfit combinations.

white essential dress shirtlight blue essential dress shirt

pictured above: (left) Essential Dress Shirt - Plain White, (right) Essential Dress Shirt - Light Blue both 299.00 CAD


Overlooked Details - The Search for the Right (and Left) Sock

Choosing the right socks to wear with a suit is a subtle yet significant aspect of refining your overall appearance. You don't want to sit down in your perfectly tailored suit and flash your sport ankle socks. Consider the length carefully—over-the-calf socks provide a secure fit for long days, while mid-calf socks maintain a polished look and offer breathability.

Introduce a touch of personality with colors and patterns that complement your suit, adding a subtle flair to your ensemble. Coordination is key; ensure your sock colors harmonize with your suit for a cohesive and sophisticated appearance. Whether you prefer a classic solid or a playful pattern, the choice of socks serves as a canvas to express your individual style. Remember, the right pair of socks not only completes your look but also reflects your attention to detail and sartorial finesse.

 striped mid calk socksmelange midcalf suit sock

pictured above: (left)  Essential Mid Calf Striped Socks  (right) Melange Cotton Socks - Blue both 38.00 CAD

Pocket Squares - A Perfect Finishing Touch

 If you're going tie-free, consider adding a pocket square. Think of it as the essential finishing touch – the curtains in a room. It acts as a focal point, injecting sophistication and interest into your ensemble. You can experiment with different folds but silk likes to breathe. A simple pinch in a middle followed by a shake and a tuck into your pocket will bring out silk natural movement.


exotic medallion pocket squarecheetah pocket square

pictured above: (left) Exotic Medallion 1, (right) Cheetah  both 98.00 CAD





Dressing Your Suit Down

To introduce variations for more casual occasions- pairing your suit with a cashmere sweater in light blue or a neutral color to add a touch of comfort and an air of leisure without compromising style. Save bolder colors for future additions to your collection, while we love colour at VASSI, we are building your foundation for versatility.


v-neck blue cashmere sweaterquarter zip cashmere luxury sweater in grey

pictured above: (left) Cashmere V-Neck Sweater in Blue 345.00CAD,  (right) Luxurious Quarter Zip Cashmere Sweater  1099.00 CAD



The Stepping Stone: Classic Blue Blazer

Moving on to the next wardrobe essential, consider investing in a classic blue blazer. Versatile and timeless, it complements everything, even a pair of well-cut jeans. This blazer becomes the next stepping stone in evolving and refining your wardrobe.


cashmere award blazercobalt blue pure cashmere blazer

pictured above: (left) Cashmere Award Blazer in Blue  1600.00CAD,  (right) Pure Cashmere Blazer - Cobalt Blue  1135.00 CAD



Gradual Growth: The Art of Wardrobe Building


Building a suit wardrobe is a gradual process. Every six months, add a new piece to your closet. This thoughtful accumulation ensures that your wardrobe becomes a masterpiece, much like accumulating wealth in your investment portfolio. Remember, just as you can't build an entire portfolio in one year, your suit wardrobe requires patience and thoughfulness to achieve perfection.



Your Wardrobe: Artful Expression of Style

Building a suit wardrobe is an art form. Start with the classics, add carefully chosen pieces, and over time, you'll create a wardrobe that speaks volumes about your style and professionalism. Stay tuned for more tips on enhancing your wardrobe and making strategic additions to elevate your look or visit us at VASSI Showroom - Andre will love helping you curate your next suit or accessory addition.




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