29 October 2015
29 October 2015


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That is the standard opening line that other establishments use to approach a customer – but at VASSI we don’t adhere to the ordinary.

Much like a painting that begs for a subject at inception, we believe that subject is YOU – necessary to transform our canvas into a true work of art.

The world offers us a palate of colours – but the transformation created by the artist, is best expressed, if the desired result is known. Therefore, a shirt and tie combination cannot be recommended without your input in letting us know where you will wear it.

For instance, some shades and fabrics might be suitably complementary for a political function, however, they may be less desirable for the nuances of a romantic evening… that may become more special by the moment.

We would like to extend a personal invitation to our clients to call, email, Skype or simply drop in and spend a moment sharing your thoughts before making that purchase. It’s our special way of making sure that ‘picture you saw’ wasn’t meant for someone else.

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