7 June 2015
7 June 2015


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Whether you’re planning a grand formal wedding or a beachside barbeque there are certain elements that can make your day memorable as you begin your journey into nuptial bliss.

The day would not be complete without the polished and elegant look of a French cuff shirt. Many a groom sets out to find the perfect set of new cufflinks to add to the charm and grace of the occasion. Andre’s heartfelt opinion on the matter takes this subject and brings sentiment to center stage.

Why not make the day unforgettable with timeless tradition? Instead of buying new cufflinks use your Grandfather’s or those from a dear family member. This will make your special day all the more spectacular. Cufflink timepieces tell their own tale and may, in fact, be the single part of your history that can partake in memorable events from generation to generation.

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